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Make Feedback Normal

Normalizing feedback in the workplace to build a feedback-rich culture.


Why Retainify?

and who we are not...

 Retainify provides a simple, yet powerful way to capture and utilize feedback from our employees. I love Retainify because it enables me to make meaningful connections across the employee life cycle for the business.

Paul Trudel

Sr. Vice President of People & Culture 

Our Philosophy

Your Employee Engagement

Data Is Your Financial Data.

Helping leaders pay attention to employee feedback data with the same urgency as they do with financial data because employee motivation has a huge impact on financial results.

Our Methodology

There Is No Cookie-Cutter Approach To Employee Feedback.

We customize your employee feedback journey and questions based on your company culture or the culture you want to create. We understand the uniqueness of your company's culture and needs.

Our Culture

We Build Trust-Based Relationships With Customers.

Customer experience and employee experience are one and the same. We want your experience with us to be the same as the experience you want to create for your employees.