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Employee Engagement Survey

is still one of the best and most scalable ways to measure engagement. Survey responses and participation rates provide employers real-time data to predict employee turnover, up to 2 times faster than machine-learning forecasts.

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Cookie-cutter employee surveys are dead.

Ask employees meaningful questions that matter to your business to inspire action and drive change across your organization.

Employee Retention Starts with Onboarding

Improve new hire retention by 50% through better onboarding.

Retainify helps you measure new hire experience so that businesses can stay on top of new hires' needs and make real-time improvements to their onboarding processes.

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Prioritize Employee Experience and Retain Talent

Reduce turnover by 30% with an engaged workforce.

Retainify takes a consultative approach to help you implement a real-time employee feedback program for businesses to gain real-time insights to improve employee experience. 

Invest in Reskilling and Upskilling Employees

Improve your recruiting funnel and reduce time to hire with a robust internal candidate pipeline

Retainify helps you create a skill inventory to identify current and future talent needs. Prioritize reskilling and upskilling to attract the brightest new recruits and retain current employees.

Turn Departing Employees into Alumni

Increase your referral pipeline and reduce the cost of hire with a world-class offboarding process. 

Retainify helps you improve your offboarding practices and create mutual learning opportunities between you and departing employees through exit interviews. Turn departing employees into alumni, an underutilized network for referrals and boomerang employees.

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What Our Customers Say

"Retainify provides a simple, yet powerful way to capture and utilize feedback from our employees. I love Retainify because it enables me to make meaningful connections across the employee life cycle for the business."



—  Paul Trudel, SVP People & Culture

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