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Keeping seniors safe and their families informed.

Senior care resident satisfaction survey.

How Retainify Can Help 

COVID-19 is leading the digital transformation. Go paperless and automate resident satisfaction surveys and health and safety inspections in one platform.

Resident Satisfaction Survey

Contact Tracing

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Audit

Clean Environment Audit

Health and Safety Inspection

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Resident Safety

Stay Alert and Keep Residents Safe

Use our alert feature to stay on top of residents and staff members' health and safety. Be informed and ready to take action as feedback and incidents are reported in real-time.

Improve Efficiency Through Automation

Manual processes and a paperful environment increase the risk of errors and inefficiencies. They can impact the facility's ability to meet its compliance obligations and regulatory requirements in Senior Living and Occupational Health and Safety. Stay on top of your residents' needs and safety inspections through our scheduling and automation tool.


Improve Business with Data

People make assumptions based on prior experiences and when we let our brains jump to conclusions, we are less likely to assess situations objectively. Data can eliminate biases and guide companies to make better business decisions under any circumstances. Let the resident satisfaction survey, audit, and safety inspection data keep businesses honest.

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Long Term Care Resident Satisfaction Survey

Long Term Care Resident Satisfaction Survey

Assisted living resident satisfaction survey template here.

Nursing home resident satisfaction survey template here.

Leverage Technology to Keep Residents and Staff Members Safe

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Senior Living Assesment

Deborah Maynard Director of HR

The Retainify platform is easy to navigate, creates value by offering customizable content. They understand the business needs and always looks for ways to create additional value for their clients.

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