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Hotel Customer Satisfaction Survey Platform

Be a loyalty leader and grow your revenue 2 times faster than your industry peers.

Ensuring guest satisfaction and increasing customer loyalty.

Measure guest satisfaction across the customer value chain.

Measuring satisfaction across the value chain allows you to capture customer experience by activity to identify what makes your guests happy, and what the business needs to improve on to increase net promoter score (NPS) and customer loyalty.

Customer Value Chain

  1. Booking

  2. Check-in

  3. Stay

  4. Check-out

Guest Experience Survey Alert

Stay Alert On Your Guests' Needs

Use our alert feature on any hotel satisfaction survey questions to stay on top of your guests' needs. Be informed and ready to take action on real-time feedback to provide high-touch customer service for your guests.

Improve Touch Points With Guests Through Automation

We help hotels map out their customer value chain to identify and measure major activities throughout the guest journey. Rather than sending a lengthy hotel guest satisfaction survey a few days after check out, getting bite-size real-time feedback allows hotel staff to respond to guests' needs, ensuring guest satisfaction throughout their entire journey.

Gues Satisfaction
Guest Satisfaction

Personalize Guest Experience With Data

Data help hotels uncover insight into customers’ behaviors, patterns, purchases, and preferences. More than ever, your guests today expect seamless and personalized treatment throughout the entire customer value chain. Drive actionable insight from data and deliver on the customer service promise. 

Guest Satisfaction Survey

All In One Guest Satisfaction And Contact Tracing

Hotels can rapidly deploy our cost-effective guest satisfaction and contact tracing solution that is easy to adopt for hotel staff and guests.

Hotel Guest Satisfaction Survey Template
Contact Tracing Survey Template

Contact Tracing Playbook For Hotels

Download our presentation to learn more about contact tracing through our customer satisfaction platform.

Contact Tracing Playbook For Hotels

Paul Trudel Sr. VP of People & Culture

Retainify provides a simple, yet powerful way to capture and utilize feedback from our employees. I love Retainify because it enables me to make meaningful connections across the employee life cycle for the business.

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