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Your Employees Are Experiencing Burnout And Here's Why

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

The pandemic has disrupted the lives of employees worldwide. With a shift to remote work, employees have stated that they feel anxious about the uncertainty of their careers, burnt out and are disengaged in their work post-pandemic.

In fact, 1 in 4 workers is preparing to look for new opportunities with a new employer once restrictions are lifted, according to a survey conducted by Forbes.

With minimal interaction or collaboration between employees and their colleagues or employers, many feel they are not engaging in meaningful work, which ultimately leaves them burnt out, and productivity levels are lowered while working.

A published slide deck by LinkedIn provides insight into the benefits of providing employees with meaningful work.

Purpose-driven employees have 64% higher levels of fulfillment

In addition to meaningful work, surveys have shown that employees yearn for more collaborations with their colleagues in a remote work environment. In an office setting, collaborations are easy and fast, whereas in a remote setting digital collaboration is complicated based on setting, scheduling, etc.

Other reasons for burnout could include miscommunication between employees and their colleagues, as well as lack of proper resources provided by managers. Employees that are forced to work remotely and have difficulty getting work done using new systems that were incorporated as a result of the pandemic.

Managers may have a difficult time minimizing the burnout their employees are experiencing.

Retainify can help with that.

Retainify’s employee engagement software will allow employers to track employee sentiment and measure engagement in real-time!

Feedback from employees is essential during these critical times in order to repair the damage that the pandemic has had on employees and the future of their careers. If you are a manager noticing burnout from your employees, click here to schedule a call with our team to customize a solution for you

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