Create a feedback-rich culture by making feedback normal.

Using humans and technology to build a culture of transparency and trust one feedback at a time.

Our Methodology

Strategy first. Technology second.

We take on a consultative approach to help you design and execute your feedback journey.



Design your employee or customer feedback journey.



Prototyping and content creation for the feedback journey.



Schedule and automate feedback data collection.



Review, analyze and take action on feedback data.

Technology Doesn't Replace Relationships

It is a scalable solution that complements it. Our tool is designed to provide a safe environment for employees and customers to give honest feedback anytime, anywhere. The feedback data helps companies uncover issues and identify relationships that are at risk.

Engagement is an Important KPI Not Visible In Financial Statements

Employee and customer engagement are linked to organizations' revenue growth. Our dashboards help leaders to pay attention to their employee and customer engagement data with the same urgency as they do with financial data.

Harness the Power of Feedback Data

Collecting feedback from employees and customers about your business might seem like an obvious thing to do. To really harness the power of data requires businesses to ask the right question at the right time consistently to create a complete picture of how their business is doing.


Deborah Maynard Director of HR

The Retainify platform is easy to navigate, creates value by offering customizable content. They understand the business needs and always looks for ways to create additional value for their clients.