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Know The Pulse Of Your Employees

Collect feedback throughout the employment lifecycle of your employees. Proactively identify issues that are preventing them from being their best at work.  

Trend Dashboard & Heatmap

Use the Segment dashboard to track trends of drivers/values. Flip it to a Heatmap with one click to identify strengths and gaps in your organization. You can also filter this dashboard by employee demographic data. 

Use Tags To Customize Your Dashboards

Tags are drivers/values that are linked to questions so that you can measure and track trends of these drivers/values over time. Every customer has a customized dashboard with their own drivers/values because company culture is that unique. 

360 Development Tool

Our 360 Development Tool is easy to configure for performance, development, technical, or leadership assessment. Identify training gaps through our 360 Heatmap and filter responses by demographic and respondents. 

Template & Question Library

Use our templates and questions library to design any types of feedback surveys. You can also create your own templates or questions and house them in the content library. 

So Many 

Ways To get Feedback

Automation is one way. Use our Manual Entry to capture data from face to face meetings such as exit interviews. You can also use our Reusable Links and send surveys to external vendors and customers. 

Filter Responses By Demographic

Filter feedback responses by employee demographic such as gender, department, or job title etc, allowing you to dive into specific areas of your organization. 

Employee Import & HRIS Integration

We integrate with your HRIS. No HRIS? Use our employee import tool to manage your employee data. 

Simply Schedule & Automate

Automate pulse checks from onboarding to exit because You don't have time to do it manually. Our technology gives you the flexibility to customize these pulse checks and target them to different groups of employees. 

And more...

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