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Why Office Perks Are Dead

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Companies have always prided themselves on creating a fun work environment for their employees. Some examples are recreational rooms, free meals, access to gyms, pet-friendly offices, and numerous other perks.

However, new studies have found that younger employees are not too enthusiastic about these office benefits. Younger employees have voiced that they value respect from their managers over office lunches and ping pong tables. Instead, they rather companies and their managers spend more time establishing efficient communication, whether online or in person.

Especially in the post-COVID-19 era, where many companies offer employees the option to work remotely, employees are keener on having flexibility over a cool workplace.

A study conducted by Kansas State University and the University of Missouri’s Novak Leadership Institute showcased that young employees are adamant about being appreciated by their superiors. On the other hand, employees value clear communication and hope that their managers will be invested in their personal and professional development.

While many companies continue to implement office perks with the hope that they will retain their employees, they should spend more time focused on establishing autonomous respect with their employees, flexibility and open lines of communication.

Remember, employees, value different aspects in workplace culture post-pandemic. You can download the Return to the Office Checklist to help you get started with developing your Return to the Office plan.

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