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Tips on How to Increase Productivity in the Office

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Returning to the office after shifting to a completely remote workplace during the pandemic may be a difficult transition for some employees. As routines are bound to change for most employees, here are some tips on how to increase productivity in the office.

1. Set deadlines.

Many remote employees created new schedules for themselves when they transitioned to a remote setting. Now that many of them will be returning to the 9-5 structure, employees should set commits and deadlines for themselves. This will help employees stay focused and ensure that they are reliable to complete projects by certain deadlines for their clients.

2. Reduce distractions.

Employees may find it challenging to get back into their workplace routine, given that they may be required to work in communal office spaces with their colleagues as opposed to on their own at home. Employees should turn off their personal phones when working or try using soundproof headphones to stay focused on their tasks.

3. Track time for tasks.

Managers should help their employees organize their tasks into their workday since they are no longer working on their own individual schedules. This can be done with automation software that will notify them when to move on to a new task. There are also software and applications that can be used by managers to inform employees on how long a task typically takes and how many tasks need to be completed during that workday.

Take time to listen to employees' feedback to ensure their concerns are addressed as we transition into future workplace models. Need help with clearly identifying your employees' needs? Click here to schedule a call with our team to learn how to measure and assess employee engagement during this transition.

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