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Tips for Managing a Remote Team of Employees

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Given that most employees transitioned to remote work at the start of the pandemic, managers have found some difficulty managing their employees with the integration of online tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Slack. If you are a manager who manages a remote team of employees, here are some tips for you!

1. Create opportunities for employees to work in teams.

One of the biggest challenges that employees experience with remote work is feelings of isolation. Managers should encourage employees to work more closely with their colleagues, even if it is only through video conferencing. Find ways for employees to accomplish the same tasks but in smaller teams as opposed to working alone.

2. Provide feedback, celebrate milestones and give recognition.

Given that managers cannot spend any face time with their employees because of COVID-19, they are not able to witness their employees and work ethic in person, but rather through online tools. Managers should consistently provide feedback to remote employees, whether positive or negative, to show employees that they acknowledge the work they are doing and are willing to support them with whatever they need.

3. Provide access to the proper technology.

Remote communication and collaboration can be challenging to manage if the wrong tools are being utilized. Project management tools, such as Asana and, are great tools to assist in organizing ongoing tasks and larger projects with deadlines. These tools can be accessible to whoever is necessary and will eliminate any confusion employees may encounter through emails and other traditional online tools.

Take time to listen to employees' feedback to ensure their concerns are addressed as we transition into future workplace models. Need help with clearly identifying your employees' needs? Click here to schedule a call with our team to learn how to measure and assess employee engagement during this transition.

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