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A challenging problem - making feedback normal in the workplace

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

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Full Transcript:

When I was leaving my organization, I also didn't tell the truth about why I was leaving the organization. So for the longest time, I was expecting employees to give honest feedback when they exit the company, I myself in 15 years that I have been in HR, I couldn't bring myself up, to tell the truth on my way out. And then I realized you know, the fear, the anxiety, that an employee has and why they can't be honest. You know, we've got books out here that talk about dying for a paycheque, right. People are working longer hours, there are these expectations because of technology, we have enabled the organization to reach out to employees 24x7 right. So I really want to use our software tool to really change that relationship between an employer and an employee. It was actually my pain point, and I lived through it, and it's been a challenging problem to solve for us.

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