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Positive, Respectful Last Impression Matters

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

A red-carpet onboarding experience for new hires is important but companies should not neglect the offboarding experience for departing employees. Here are some compelling reasons to create a positive and respectful last impression with your departing employees.

Give them an outlet. Conduct exit interviews with your departing employees. Otherwise, they could be venting on social media like Glassdoor, which could be detrimental to your employer branding.

Their opinions matter. Exit interviews are a great way to gain insights on issues underlying the organization otherwise not visible to management. You might be surprised at what you find.

Turn departing employees into ambassadors. Employees who endured a positive exit experience could become ambassadors for your company. Linkedin is now a powerful tool for prospective candidates to connect with your ex-employees. You want your departed employees to be promoters and not detractors for your company.

Tap into your departed employees' networks for referrals. Leaving a positive and respectful impression with departing employees allows companies to tap into their networks for future referrals. This sourcing strategy is still underutilized by recruiters today. Your departed employees would more likely to respond to your referral requests if they were treated right on their way out.

How Can We Help?

Retainify offers a unified solution that allows employers to track their employees' sentiment throughout their employment life cycle in real-time. From onboarding to exit, our customers can customize and automate their employee surveys and measure what truly matters to them. Find out more at

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