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How to Ease the Onboarding Process for New Employees

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

1. Make it interactive

During the onboarding process, introduce new employees to their team members. Even if they are working remotely or in person, they will still be in the same office space; therefore, they must be acquainted and comfortable interacting with their colleagues. This is also an excellent opportunity for the new employees to establish relationships with their managers and walk away from the process with a clear understanding of the office culture and what is expected of them.

2. Ensure employees have all the tools and resources to help transition into their new job.

Managers should set up any software, online programs and other office tools before the employee arriving. Team leaders can begin teaching their employees how to use the programs and reduce time spent setting them up. This will also ease the onboarding process for both in-office and physical employees as they begin to work with one another through online platforms.

3. Provide a structure of the type of goals they are expected to accomplish.

Helping your employees understand their key performance goals on their first day will eliminate some of the overwhelming feelings they may encounter. This can be done by demonstrating their department’s goals and KPIs as well as their individual KPIs. Managers should also outline their potential career paths in the company. Some ways to do so are by explaining possible promotion criteria, the projects they’ll be working on or clients they’ll be working with.

Take time to listen to employees’ feedback to ensure their concerns are addressed as we transition into future workplace models. Need help with clearly identifying your employees’ needs? Click here to schedule a call with our team to learn how to measure and assess employee engagement during this transition.

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