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How to Conduct Talent Reviews Without HR

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Talent reviews and other methods of employee performance review have been quite looked down upon over the last decade. Instead, new managers are looking towards eliminating the term, “talent reviews” and instead describe the process as continuous conversations about employees’ performance.

If you are a people manager wondering how you could create these conversations with your employees, check out these tips!

1) Conversations about employee performance should be both ways.

Although a manager could have their own opinions about how their employee performs in the workplace, an employee could have constructive feedback for their manager on their managerial duties. These conversations should cover topics such as career development and growth, challenges to stay engaged, recognition of both the employee’s and manager’s roles.

2) Continuous conversations should be focused on the future.

Managers and employees should meet regularly in order for managers to fully understand their employees’ needs. These conversations will build trust and empower employees to contribute, enable proactive solutions and encourage them to be their best at work. Annual talent reviews are not efficient as these reviews provide lag data and it is difficult to track an employee's performance progression or change in real-time.

3) Prepare notes and be consistent.

Employees want to feel as though their role in the workplace is being valued. Managers should take notes consistently about their observations in the workplace in order to ensure that they cover all information necessary when 1-1 with their employees. In addition, ensuring that continuous feedback happens often will increase employee productivity and engagement.

Take time to listen to employees’ feedback to ensure their concerns are addressed in the transition plan from remote to in-office. Need help with clearly identifying your employees’ needs? Click here to schedule a call with our team to learn how we can continue to measure and assess employee engagement during this transition.

How can Retainify help? Visit our website and learn how our Employee Engagement Platform can help managers find a unified solution that allows them to track employee sentiment and measure engagement in real-time.

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