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Creating Your Resident Satisfaction Survey

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

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When drafting a satisfaction survey for your residents, all the potential questions you can ask may seem overwhelming. With so many possibilities, it can be hard to decide what questions to ask to get an accurate representation of life around your retirement home. Below is a collection of sample questions from St. Patrick's Retirement Home (1) and an assessment of retirement homes by Peel Region (2).

Example Questions (by topic):

Food (1):

  • Are you satisfied with the food provided by the facility?

  • Is the menu selection adequate?

Laundry (1):

  • Do you find that laundry services at the home are prompt?

  • Are your clothes returned to you in good condition?

Housekeeping (1):

  • I find that the housekeeping staff cleans my room properly.

  • The housekeeping staff respects my privacy.

Nurses (2):

  • Do you find the nursing staff is fair in their assessments?

  • I find the nurses treat me with dignity.

  • The nursing staff is good at listening to my needs.

Doctors (2):

  • I find the doctors to be friendly.

  • Do you find the doctors to be compassionate?

  • I feel the doctors provide me with quality care.

Health Care (1):

  • Do you find the medical staff to be responsive?

  • Does the medical staff explain what they are doing to you and why?

Home-like (2):

  • I find the home to have a welcoming atmosphere.

  • Do you feel safe in the home?

Handling Problems (2):

  • The staff cared about my problems.

  • The staff dealt with my concern promptly.

Overall Experience (1):

  • I am treated well at this home.

  • Do you enjoy living here?

  • Would you recommend our home?

Other Areas to Survey:

Aside from these sample questions, many other topics could be examined to understand life around your home. Some other topics which could be surveyed include fire safety, independence, parking, maintenance, enrichment of life, the security of the building, location, type of care being received, mobility around the facility, and transition period into the home. These topics can help to better understand how your residents feel about the home and the quality of care.

Direct Questions

Direct questions can better help to find precisely what will improve residents' life within your home. Asking targeted questions such as "do you feel like the staff respects your privacy" will bode much more detailed results than simply asking, "do you enjoy living here?" Using these direct questions will ensure that feedback is accurate and accomplishes the desired goal.

Pulse Surveys

Pulse surveys allow you to conduct surveys in a more targeted manner. When surveying staff members, you will be able to tailor questionnaires specifically by the department, ensuring that the questions are relevant and will provide genuine feedback to assess the work environment. For residents, you will also be able to tailor questions to get a general view of their life around your facility or use more targeted questions to see the residents' opinions on a specific department.

How Can We Help?

Retainify offers a unified solution that allows senior living facilities to customize and automate their employee and resident satisfaction surveys to measure what matters to them. Our cost-effective solution can be deployed in less than 24 hours with minimal effort, and customers can access feedback from their staff and residents in real-time.

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  2. Long Term Care, P. (2014). Long-Term Care Resident Satisfaction Survey . Peel Region.

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