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Celebrating International Women's Day

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

We have made progress but there's more to be done! Watch the video with your family and friends. To all the women who want it all and all the little girls who want to be anything, Happy International Women's Day. Like, love and share. 🎉🙌🧕🏻👮🏽‍♀👷‍♀👩🏿‍⚕👩🏻‍🌾👩🏼‍🍳👩🏼‍🚀👩🏽‍⚖ #iwd2020 #eachforequal #genderequality #genderparity #retainify

Full Transcript:

At a leadership breakfast celebrating International Women's Day, The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, shared a story about a little boy in Africa. His parents asked him to babysit his little sister. To keep his sister occupied so that he can play with his friends, he took a magazine and ripped the page out with the world map on it, cut it into pieces, and made it into a puzzle for his sister. The little girl finished the puzzle in no time. The brother was confused, "How did you do it so quickly?" The little girl responded. "It was easy, I turned the map over and it was a picture of a girl!"

Our world is made of little girls and women. 49.585% according to The World Bank. If 49.585% is the female representation of the world we live in today, then 49.585% should be our benchmark for women representation in:

  • Politics: Only 11.7% of parliamentarians are women globally today.

  • Leadership: Just under 7% of CEOs in Fortune 500 companies are women.

  • Entertainment: Only one woman director has ever won the Cannes Film Festival's highest award, the Palme d'Or, in its 72-year history.

  • STEM: Just 30% of researchers and 35% of all students are women enrolled in STEM-related fields of study worldwide.

According to the World Economic Forum, the global gender gap report reveals, gender parity will not be attained for 99.5 years. We are unlikely to see gender parity in our lifetimes. Policy-makers need to enact laws that promote gender equality. Publicly-held companies whose principal executive offices are located in California are now required to have at least one female board director by the end of 2019. People of power and influence can get involved. By taking actions that will help us minimized the 100-year gap faster. Goldman Sachs now requires companies it helps take public to have at least one diverse board member, with a focus on women. Despite progress, there's more to be done.

To all the little girls in the world, you are not "feisty", you are "determined." You are not "bossy", you are "assertive." We will be right behind you cheering you on. Happy International Women's Day.

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