If you are looking for an innovative and collaborative team, you'll love Retainify!​

Open Roles:

Full Developer Intern

We are currently looking for a Full Stack Student Intern to help us enhance our application. If you are looking for an opportunity to apply your learning, this could be an exciting opportunity for you!

We are currently looking for a Digital Marketing Specialist on a 6 month contract to help us with inbound and digital marketing. If you are looking for an opportunity to apply your learning, this could be an exciting opportunity for you!

What our employees have to say:

Chelsea Kaplivsky, Marketing Intern

As a marketing intern at Retainify, I have learned that failing is necessary in order to succeed, even if it means failing often. Working for a startup means taking on multiple roles at once, even if you have no experience in those specific roles. The team at Retainify has provided me with numerous opportunities to ask questions, work closely with my colleagues and contribute my ideas and skills in any way I can. This startup has allowed me to grow professionally and personally by consistently challenging me and broadening my horizons. The opportunities for learning and growth are limitless in a startup environment. In working for Retainify, I have come to understand how important building the foundation of a startup is. By working for a company in its rudimentary stages, its employees essentially lay down the roots for which all future work is built on.

Jessica Counti, Marketing Intern

Working for Retainify has given me the opportunity to learn a variety of skills and gain exposure to what it is like to work in a fast-paced startup environment. Not only has this been a great opportunity for growth and learning, but Retainify has allowed me to apply the skills I have learned. The team here has also supported me very well, and has supported me and my career development from the start. One thing Retainify has taught me is the value of feedback and growth from it. As a marketing intern, there was a lot to learn, but what has been even more valuable is the feedback I receive on these experiences to help me to improve in the future. Working in a startup has also challenged me to think outside the box, and has reminded me of the importance of innovation.