Create a feedback-rich culture by making feedback normal.

Using humans and technology to build a culture of transparency and trust one feedback at a time. 

Our Methodology

Simply put... Ask . Analyze . Act

We start with strategy, not technology

a consultative approach

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Then execute  through technology

leveraging technology 

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Technology Doesn't Replace Relationships

It is a scalable solution that complements it.

Our tool is designed to provide a safe environment for employees to give honest feedback easily and quickly. Anytime, anywhere. The feedback data helps companies uncover issues and identify relationships that are at risk.


Employee Engagement Data is Not In Financial Statements

It is a form of financial data.

Our dashboards help leaders pay attention to employee engagement data with the same urgency as they do with financial data because employee experience drives customer experience and impacts company financials.


You Can't Replicate Company Culture

It is unique and anchored by unspoken behaviors exhibited by leaders.

We recognize that culture and leadership are inextricably linked. Our 360 tool helps leaders seek honest feedback and help them be more self-aware of how their intended and unintended actions shape company culture.

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