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How Do You Build a Culture of 


Gradually, then Suddenly

One Feedback at a Time.

What About Us?

Our Clients Are Our Inspirations

Our Clients Inspire Us To Be Better At What We Do Everyday

We work with our clients to build our technology and processes. We have done this since the beginning and continues to do so to this day. Our clients are highly engaged in designing a solution that meets the needs of their current and future needs.

Technology Doesn't Replace Relationship

It Is A Scalable Solution That Complements It

Human connection is the foundation of a thriving relationship. Employees cannot deeply and personally connect to a piece of software. However, our technology can eliminate biases from anecdotal feedback, helpings businesses identify and prioritize issues faster so that leaders know what relationship is at risk.

Make Feedback Normal

Normalizing Feedback In The Workplace

What if the word feedback does not carry any negative connotation? When feedback is normal, performance review discussions become normal. Giving and receiving feedback becomes normal. Employees sharing their voices become normal. Everyone becomes better at giving and receiving feedback without ego and the load. Psychological safety provides a platform for people and businesses to learn and improve.